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Wireless Bluetooth Lubricator

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ATS Wireless Product Series

Featuring our Wireless Bluetooth Lubricator and Remote Access Package

Our Wireless Bluetooth technology offers a smarter way for customers to manage their lubricators, with the convenience of accessing and controlling them from an Android smartphone or tablet. Our new Wireless Bluetooth Luber features our ‘IoT’ BT module, allowing users to easily check the status of their lubricator, including: volume, grease type, dispensing settings, battery life- and more! All through our free App.

Our Wireless Bluetooth Luber is not just a standalone lubricator –the technology can be installed on any of our motor-driven units currently in use, making it a cost-effective and simple upgrade for existing lubricators. This feature sets us apart from our competitors, making our product a more affordable solution for our loyal customers.

But that’s not all – our Remote Access Package takes your maintenance management to the next level. With the Remote Access Package, you can connect -and make necessary adjustments- to your Bluetooth Luber without needing to be close to it.

ATS Intelli-Lube Series App


The Remote Access Package includes an internet-enabled tablet that provides users secure access to their lubers’ information from anywhere on the globe.

The tablet is installed near your Wireless Bluetooth Luber (within 50m) and connects to the Luber(s) via Bluetooth. Users can, from any device with an internet connection, log in to the tablet via our secure portal to access a live video feed of their Luber, get detailed information about how it’s functioning and even make adjustments. With our modem device management and cloud computing features, you can remotely access and manage your device in a secure and efficient way, ensuring optimal performance while avoiding costly downtime.

At ATS, we are dedicated to providing innovative technology that streamlines your operations and saves you time and money. Contact us today to learn more about our Wireless Bluetooth and Remote Access Package and take advantage of the best solution for your technical maintenance needs!

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