ELECTRO Lube mini installation

The classic ELECTRO-LUBER™ was developed in 1982. It uses an electro-chemical reactor cell which converts electrical energy into safe, inert nitrogen which drives a piston to expe‍‍‍l grease.  It comes in 4 different sizes.  Read more on our ELECTRO Series here.

ULTIMATE Luber installation

The ULTIMATE LUBER™ is a powerful, motor-driven automatic lubricator which is refillable using standard grease guns. This unit produces well over 1000psi and can feed multiple lube points via distribution block.  The ULTIMATE comes in 3 sizes.  Read more about our ULTIMATE series here.

JACK Luber installation

The JACK LUBER is the most versatile product in the ATS product line, co‍‍‍mbining strength with easily replaced pre-filled grease cartridges. It comes in two sizes.  Read more about our JACK series here.

TITAN Luber installation

The TITAN CL LUBER™ is a powerful, motor-driven automatic lubricator which is built on the proven ULTIMATE Luber technology, which is refillable with a standard 14oz. grease cartridge. It comes in two sized.  Read more about our TITAN series here.

TITAN OILER installation

The TITAN OILER 2000 is a powerful, motor-driven automatic lubricator which is built on the proven ULTIMATE Luber technology. It is easily refilled through a filler port an‍‍‍d filter on top of its 47oz. canister.  Read more about our TITAN series here.

Wastewater Treatment Plant featuring ATS Electro-Lube

ATS Electro-Lubers are featured here in this video showing the versatility and reliability of our automatic lubricators.  A special thanks to C & L Supply Company.

‍‍‍Stephan Orlitzky on Wind Lubrication

We explain, very simply, our approach to maintenance-free lubrication for an entire year for wind turbines.  Read more about our wind industry solutions and our patented sponge pinion applicator.

Video Gallery

ATS Electro-Lube is the originial manufacturer 
of automatic lubrication systems.  They feature the Electro-luber a 
single-point luber and also a wide range of motor driven lubers that 
dispense grease and oil in any environment.

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Tyson on Installation

Tyson demonstrates how easy the installation of our lubers is. This simple and informative video is a useful tool for those wanting to see how our product is installed.

The ATS 
Electro-Lube Ultimate Luber is a powerful motor-driven unit
 is a multi-point lubricator that can reach and maintain high pressures 
through long lines.  Our many accessories are great to use with the 


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ATS Electro-Lube produced the original Electro-Luber and has grown to world-wide recognition for their continued dedication to quality and durability in all industries.

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