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Vibration Control for Lubrication Systems

Our new vibration activated lubrication control is suitable for use in virtually any mining application.

The vibration activated lubricators come fitted with a built-in vibration sensor. The sensor has three sensitivity settings, adjustable depending on the application.

Simply select your dispense rate and fit the lubricator as normal. As soon as machinery starts up the unit will sense the vibrations, and the lubricator will launch into its programmed cycle. Once machinery stops and no vibrations are being sensed the lubrication system will go into pause mode.

The vibration sensor uses no extra power and comes fitted with an easy-to-read LED display which shows at a glance whether the lubricator is paused or in dispensing mode.

Vibration Control

For more information, please download the Vibration Sensor Control PDF (to the left) or contact us.

ATS' automatic lubricators can be paired with our vibration control system.  This allows the user to have the unit only dispense lubricant when the machinery is in use.

Are Vibration Control systems the right choice for you?

Vibration control systems

ATS Electro-Lube is the originial manufacturer 
of automatic lubrication systems.  They feature the Electro-luber a 
single-point luber and also a wide range of motor driven lubers that 
dispense grease and oil in any environment.

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The ATS 
Electro-Lube Ultimate Luber is a powerful motor-driven unit
 is a multi-point lubricator that can reach and maintain high pressures 
through long lines.  Our many accessories are great to use with the 


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ATS Electro-Lube produced the original Electro-Luber and has grown to world-wide recognition for their continued dedication to quality and durability in all industries.

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Download: Vibration Sensor Control.pdf