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Timer Control for Lubrication Systems

When our other control options aren’t suitable, the timer control is most efficient system for indoor use.  It’s a simple timer, like the one that times heating in your house, that controls the circuit board.  Essentially, it tells the unit when to lubricate and when to go into pause mode based on the parameters you ‍‍‍set.

These systems are especially useful for applications where there are defined hours for your machinery to be in operation or shut down.

Timer Control

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ATS' automatic lubricators can be paired with our timer control system.  This allows the user to turn the u‍‍‍nit on and off via simple timing systems.

Are Timer Control systems the right choice for you?

Timer control systems are used only on our Motor Driven units, the ULTIMATE, TITAN, OILER and JACK series.

Since most timers are not water-proof, they are best suited for indoor use.

If you have a consistent and set downtime, like overnight, the timer control would turn off the unit.‍‍‍

ATS Electro-Lube is the originial manufacturer 
of automatic lubrication systems.  They feature the Electro-luber a 
single-point luber and also a wide range of motor driven lubers that 
dispense grease and oil in any environment.

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 is a multi-point lubricator that can reach and maintain high pressures 
through long lines.  Our many accessories are great to use with the 


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