A.T.S. Electro-Lube manufactures single-point lubricators for all industries‍‍‍.

Our high-powered units come in many sizes and produce varying pressures. All of our units are capable of single-point lubrication, but three series in particular: ELECTRO-LUBER™ULTIMATE-LUBER™ and JACK-LUBER™ were engineered with single-point applications in mind.

While all of our lubers can be used as single point, we have specifically engineered the following three to be used as single-point lubricators only. These units are waterproof and incredibly user friendly. Aside from those similarities, each series has differing features. Select a unit below to learn more.‍‍‍ 


Our ELECTRO Series is the most widely-used unit due to its extensive safety ratings and ability to be used underwater, in mines and other hazardous areas.


We built the JACK Series for cost-efficiency coupled with power. This unit pushes lubricant up to 200psi and can operate in extreme temperatures (-20°C – +60°C)


ULTIMATE series is the world’s most powerful single-point lubricator rated for over 1000psi. With this high pressure, the ULTIMATE can run a feed line up to 10m long.

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