Ultimate Luber
Titan CL Luber


Our units are made of a flexible, crack-resistant and durable nylon material.

Our units should be periodically checked for LED action as a part of your general preventive maintenance.

Any lubricant the customer requests can be used.

JACK series have an easy swap replacement cartridge.

ULTIMATE series are refillable with a grease gun

TITAN CL and II are easily refillable with a standard grease cartridge, the type you would use with your grease guns.

TITAN OILER is refillable

The lubers dispense at your desired settings. See installation instructions to select a range from 15 days up to 945 days to empty. The lifespan of the lubricant itself is dependent on the composition of lubricant, but we ensure the shelf life of our lubricants will last a minimum of 2 years prior to filling. The ULTIMATE and JACK Series are recommended to avoid grease separation on long settings.

Luber products with Class 1 certification can be used in hazardous locations.

Yes, A.T.S. is certified by MSHA (Mining Safety and Health Authority) for use in all mines, and ATEX certified.

They are all water- and weather-resistant, but only the ELECTRO-LUBER with a weather cap are submersible up to 30 ft. underwater.

With a gas unit (ELECTRO-LUBER) we recommend changing the line. With an ULTIMATE-LUBER or JACK-LUBER there is no need, because of the pressure they are capable of producing. E.g. The JACK-LUBER can produce 200psi and the ULTIMATE-LUBER and TITAN can produce over 1000psi.

The LED on the gas ELECTRO-LUBER is a good indication that the circuit is complete with the electrolyte, and that the batteries are working.

Our motor-driven lubers are slightly more intuitive; please refer to the LED indicator schedule on installation sheets for more information.

No. The LED will flash when the button is on to confirm the contacts, solution and batteries are operational. It will not dispense grease.

The B Switch on the ELECTRO-LUBER is applied to make it go 5% faster.

No, spring type Lubricators do not build up pressure. For spring type, refer to the motor driven ULTIMATE series.

Yes, it’s safe to dispose of a unit, but first remove and dispose of the battery. Please follow the disposal laws within your country.

Our lubricators come with a one year warranty.

Yes, we have distributors across the globe. Contact our main office at 1-800-663-8141 for more info.

Yes. A.T.S Electro-Lube is always designing new products and making improvements.  Please see Lubrication Products for new developments.

Yes. You have to use all the ports on the Distribution Block. Plugging the outlets will prevent the spindle from shuttling. 

Upon placing your order, you must confirm how many ports you desire. Plugging the outlets ‘in the field’ will prevent the spindle from shuttling.

Yes. One thing to watch for is a build up from the grease.



No. The ELECTRO-LUBER series are a disposable one time use.

On a one month setting it will start to dispense immediately; on a twelve month setting there is a two to three day delay.

Yes. And to prevent siphoning, we would recommend our oil flow Restrictors (inquire about this Accessory).

ELECTRO-LUBER is an industrial designed product. Where vibration is a factor, remote mounting is recommended.

This unit can withstand an even higher vibration with a reducer attached to the nipple. This reinforces the base of the unit.

ELECTRO-LUBER is made out of nylon that is chemically resistant to corrosion.

The ELECTRO-LUBER will empty according to the desired settings. The reservoir is transparent for visual indication the grease level. You may find it helpful to record the date set, switch setting and expected end date right on the luber reservoir with a jiffy marker.  

ELECTRO-LUBER is capable of producing over 50 psi. If you need more power, consider our Electromechanical Lubers:

JACK LUBER is capable of producing 200 psi continuously.

ULTIMATE and TITAN SERIES are capable of producing over 1000 psi.

Heat and cold temperatures do affect the flow rates of the lubers, but not significant enough to negatively affect the performance. They operate from -40C to 55C (-40F – 131F).

See Installation Sheets for adjustments for temperature variation and output rates with respect to temperatures in the Selection of Switch Settings.

On a one-year setting, ELECTRO-LUBER has enough power to last for 12 months.

This is unlikely. ELECTRO-LUBER can develop only 60 psi. It typically takes 275 psi to 450 psi to blow a bearing seal.

No. The unit will not empty sooner than programmed. The ELECTRO-LUBER will prevent contaminants from entering and wearing the bearing.

Yes, the ELECTRO-LUBER can be used on large electric motors. We recommend on 20 HP and up, but read industry recommendations for settings. Over lubricating can ruin a motor.


Ultimate Luber
Titan CL Luber


There are variables to consider when answering this question (back pressure, temperatures, grease type etc). The estimated range for the ULTIMATE-LUBER when remote mounting on a single point is a max distance of 35ft.

When using a distribution block with multiple points, we recommend a maximum of 20ft per line.

Yes. Please state so at time of order so you are provided with an oil restrictor.

Our vibration sensor is within the unit. It is most suitable for direct mounting.

The estimated range for battery life under ‘normal conditions’ is as follows:

Cylinder Size and # of Refills
60 – 6 to 8 refills
125 – 3 to 5 refills
250 – 3 to 5 refills
500 – 2 refills

No. For submerged applications we recommend the ELECTRO-LUBER.

Not with a grease gun, but you can simply replace the single-use cartridge.

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