Vibration Control

Program A.T.S. lubers to sense machine vibration and activate

A.T.S. Vibration Control is used to put the luber unit into “active” mode when machinery is running, or “pause” mode when machinery is idle and the unit senses no vibration.

Our vibration control (VSC) is completely contained within the unit and comes as a pre-fitted circuit board.The VSC has three levels of sensitivity for different applications:

  • Low sensitivity for applications with high vibration.
  • Medium sensitivity which is suitable for most standard operating machinery.
  • High sensitivity where vibration levels are quite low, or the unit may experience high fluctuations in vibration.

All the user has to do is set the sensitivity level on the DIP switch and our unit will then be autonomously controlled by machinery operation and only dispense lubricant when vibration is detected.

For example:

A machine is in operation. The Vibration Sensor detects the vibration, and the luber dispenses lubricant at a rate set by the user (on the dip switch). When the machinery becomes idle and the VSC detects no vibration, the unit remains in pause mode. The lubrication cycle is thus halted during these periods of inactivity. When the machinery starts up, the lubricator will sense vibrations bringing the unit out of pause mode and begin the lubrication cycle.

After installation, no human interaction is required—lubricant is dispensed in line with the demands of the machinery.

A.T.S. Vibration control on pause.
When A.T.S. Vibration Control is in "pause" mode, a blue light flashes.
A.T.S. Vibration control sensor
After sensing vibration, the A.T.S. Luber Unit moves into "active" mode (red light indicator). Select Hi/Med/Low vibration.

Does your equipment need a specialized lubrication schedule rather than our built-in interval timing? If so, here is a helpful FAQ.


A.T.S. Vibration control sensor

Vibration Control is used to put the luber unit into “active” mode when machinery is running, or “pause” mode when machinery is idle and the unit senses no vibration.

Remote Power

Remote Control turns the luber unit ON and OFF for specific periods of time. These settings are pre-determined and programmed by the user.

Motion Control Lubrication

Motion Control allows you to program luber units into “active” or “pause” mode, dependent upon machinery operation.

Pulse Control manages the frequency of lubrication based on the rotations of the machinery—rather than regularly timed intervals.

Have questions about our remote control options? Call us Toll Free 1-800-663-8141 to discuss the best option for your situation.

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