Pulse Control

Manage Lubrication frequency based on machinery rotations

Apply A.T.S. Electro-Lube’s Pulse Control to manage the frequency of lubrication based on the rotations of the machinery—rather than regularly timed intervals.

A.T.S. Pulse Control is a magnet and sensor that plugs into the unit’s circuit board. The magnet is placed on a moving part of the machinery, while the sensor is placed in close proximity to where the magnet will pass as the machinery is in motion:

  • When the machinery is operational and the magnet passes the sensor, the unit will count pulses of machinery rotation. Once the set number of rotations has been met, the unit will dispense lubricant.
  • When the machinery is idle and the magnet is no longer passing the sensor, the unit is “paused” and will not dispense more lubricant until the machinery becomes active and the magnet passes the sensor again.

The pulse counting will continue from where it left off when the machinery became idle.

For example:

A wind turbine’s function is infrequent and at times completely idle for days. The user sets the Pulse Control to dispense lubricant after every 96 pulses. The wind turbine starts up and for every 96 pulses the luber dispenses one shot of grease. A blue LED will flash every time the magnet passes the sensor, indicating proper function of magnetic sensor.

When the wind slows, the turbine stops and our pulse counter has 88 pulses counted. Three days later the wind picks up and the unit resumes counting pulses, needing only 8 more pulses to release a shot of lubricant. The lubricant is dispensed in direct correlation to the turbine’s use and speed.

Note: Pulse Control is designed for unschedulable intermittent function of machinery, while Motion Control is meant for machinery that runs for the work day, and shuts off overnight.

Motion Control Lubrication
A machine in motion will activate lubrication; when stopped, lubrication will pause.
Pulse Control is designed for unschedulable intermittent function of machinery.

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