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Battery Options & Replacements

A.T.S. motor-driven units come with battery packs, guaranteed to last the life of their longest lubrication setting (2 years). Our standard battery packs perform best in -20°C – +55°C temperature range.

REPLACEMENT BATTERY PACKS are available for our refillable units. They are identical to those that come with the unit when purchased and are very simple to replace.

SPECIALTY BATTERY PACKS are available for extreme temperatures (+65°C).
All A.T.S. motor-driven series: ULTIMATE-LUBER™, TITAN™ and JACK LUBER™ are refillable and built tough to potentially last dozens of refills. A replacement battery pack is recommended upon each refill unless one of our power options are used. For areas involving water/steam or where the unit must remain completely sealed, the battery packs are excellent options.

Note: Battery packs used in our units should only be those supplied by A.T.S. Electro-Lube. Failure to comply will nullify the warranty and compromise the UL/ATEX certification.‍‍‍

External Power Options

Customers can choose to eliminate the need for batteries with our power options:

  • AC Power pack – allows the customer to plug any luber directly into an electrical socket for both North American and global markets. The AC power option is not suitable for use as an ON/OFF control solution; for ON/OFF control see our Remote Control option.
  • DC Power pack – allows the customer to power our Motor-Driven lubers off of an external power supply with between 10-30VDC; most often used on mobile machinery, HGV’s, etc. The DC power pack can be used as an ON/OFF function for the lubrication system ONLY if the machinery it is connected to is shut down every night and restarted every morning. Our Remote Control option is also a great pair that will allow ON/OFF control of the unit. Our DC Power Pack cannot be used with 3-phase power.

Note: Using our power options will compromise the UL/ATEX certification.‍‍‍

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