Motion Control

Program A.T.S. luber units to activate or pause

A.T.S. Electro-Lube’s motion control allows you to program luber units into active or pause mode, dependent upon machinery operation.

Our motion control is a specially programmed circuit board coupled with a magnet and sensor. The magnet is placed on a moving part of the machinery and the sensor in a stationary spot, close to the magnet.

The program will activate lubrication when the magnet passes the sensor and the circuit board then detects motion of the machinery.

For example:

When the machinery is operational and the magnet passes the sensor, a signal is sent to the unit keeping it in “active” mode and in its programmed dispensing cycle.

When the machinery is idle and the magnet is no longer passing the sensor, the unit is “paused” and will not dispense any more lubricant until the machinery becomes active and the magnet passes the sensor once again.

It is important to note that the motion control system does not affect the lubricators regular dispensing rate; it simply means that regular operation is halted when machinery is idle.

Motion Control Lubrication
"Active" motion control is programmed to release lube when a machine is powered.
Motion Control Lubrication
A machine in motion will activate lubrication; when stopped, lubrication will pause.

Does your equipment need a specialized lubrication schedule rather than our built-in interval timing? If so, here is a helpful FAQ.


A.T.S. Vibration control sensor

Vibration Control is used to put the luber unit into “active” mode when machinery is running, or “pause” mode when machinery is idle and the unit senses no vibration.

Remote Power

Remote Control turns the luber unit ON and OFF for specific periods of time. These settings are pre-determined and programmed by the user.

Motion Control Lubrication

Motion Control allows you to program luber units into “active” or “pause” mode, dependent upon machinery operation.

Pulse Control manages the frequency of lubrication based on the rotations of the machinery—rather than regularly timed intervals.

Have questions about our remote control options? Call us Toll Free 1-800-663-8141 to discuss the best option for your situation.

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