ULTIMATE-LUBER™: An Ultimate Dispensing Matrix with 12 Lube Points

Ultimate Luber

Did you know that a single ULTIMATE™ unit can be used an efficient central lubricating hub for industrial equipment by lubricating up to 12 points through a progressive distribution block? More than that, this powerful unit can be remote mounted up to 6m away as a multi-point application or 9m as a single-point.

In response to the challenges being experienced by industries with a range of maintenance requirements, A.T.S. Electro-Lube’s machinists and engineers got to work creating a powerful, precise motor-driven lubricator known as the ULTIMATE™. This auto-lubrication unit is refillable, comes in four size options, pushes up to 1000psi and can be paired with any of our accessories.

With the ULTIMATE-LUBER™, long and complex feed lines can lubricate hard-to-reach grease points allowing for efficient and reliable maintenance without the risk to workers’ safety. When a dispensing cycle is selected, the unit will activate at programmed intervals – pushing approximately 1.25cc of grease per interval out to desired lubrication points.

When using the appropriate lubricant for your environment, neither temperature nor altitude affects the lubricant output -and the ‘ultimate’ features and benefits don’t stop there:

  • Micro-processor controlled, energy-efficient motor
  • Remote mounting available
  • Simple installation and refilling (see in our video library)
  • Quality, standard lubrication product warranty for up to 1 year

We’re here to help provide industry with first-class automatic lubrication using leading edge technology.

Interested in learning more? Visit our product FAQ, or see the control and power options for this unit available on our Downloads page. Learn more about A.T.S. Electro-Lube and our series of auto-luber products, quality guarantee, and commitment to continuous improvement.

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