A Revolutionary Lubrication Device: Inside the A.T.S. Electro-Luber™


Have you ever thought about how automatic lubrication systems work to keep machinery running at peak performance? 

About 40 years ago, and after years working as a maintenance superintendent, A.T.S. founder, Tony Orlitzky, saw the need industry-wide to reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs, and make machinery maintenance safer. His design, the ELECTRO-LUBER™, would revolutionize the industry with a single-point, automatic lubrication dispensing unit.

The value to industry was clear almost over night back in 1982, and even now, a study reports that improper or untimely mechanical lubrication accounts for over 53% of bearing failures—a significant cause of equipment downtime and major maintenance costs. 

So what exactly did Tony design? At the time, the only automatic lubrication ‘system’ Tony had ever seen was very limited in its use, because it emitted hydrogen gas! So, to avoid any potentially explosive outcomes with that device, he consulted with engineers at the University of British Columbia, pushing for something safer and more reliable. What was supposed to be a 5-minute meeting soon morphed into hours of brainstorming, leading to the inert nitrogen gas-propelled ELECTRO-LUBER™ unit.

The ELECTRO-LUBER™ is a single-point, automatic lubrication unit utilizing an electro-chemical reactor cell to convert electrical energy into safe, inert nitrogen gas … enabling internal pressure to build in a bellows, that is applied against a piston. The piston then forces lubricant from a cylinder onto the desired point, or points, of contact on the machine. This achieves a safe, automated and remote process to keep mechanical equipment running at maximum efficiency.

Today, A.T.S. is proud to be known as the first company to use this self-contained auto luber technology and set the industry standard. ELECTRO-LUBER™ is the most widely-used single point unit with extensive safety ratings. This unit can be used underwater, in mines, and other hazardous areas.

Tony’s work on the ELECTRO-LUBER™ paved the way for further innovation in the company, and the A.T.S. product line now features lubrication units with options for remote control, power, time-released lubricants, and safe application for many environments. All A.T.S. units are simple to use, effective, and drastically reduce the risk of bearing failure by ensuring that machines are continuously lubricated with the right amount of lubricant at the correct time.

Industrial-mechanical operations and equipment still run so much of our world today, and certainly more than in 1982 when Tony designed the first self-contained auto lubrication technology. Now, automatic lubrication systems are proven to drastically reduce costs such as replacement bearings, labour to repair or replace bearings, unscheduled downtime, and customer-delivery commitments.

Tony’s incredible legacy is the kind of original thinking and innovation required to lead markets. Contact A.T.S. Electro-Lube for the industry’s best-performing automatic lubricating equipment.


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