Save on maintenance time immediately with remote-controlled auto-lubrication systems

Somewhere along the line, operating a tv remote from the comfort of the living room has translated into remote controlled lubrication systems—an incredibly useful option for every industry application

Controlling the dispensing of lubrication from a distance has become a safe, efficient, and handy option in so many industry settings. Remote control functionality is available for A.T.S. TitanTitan Oiler, and Ultimate lubrication products. 

How does it work? Remote control is used to turn A.T.S. luber units ON and OFF for specific periods of time. These settings are pre-determined and programmed by the user.

The remote-control option is a specifically-programmed circuit board housed within the lubrication unit. The circuit board connects via low voltage wires to a relay or PLC that controls the lubricator’s cycle time. It is then programmed and controlled by the customer to operate when the machinery does.

For example, let’s say an automotive plant runs a day shift between 7am and 5pm, and all the machinery shuts down for a mandatory, 60-minute lunch break. The single-point or multi-point lubrication unit is programmed to go into pause mode when machinery is not in operation. The switch receives a signal from the controlling device the contact opens, pausing the lubrication cycle

When the machinery is active, the lubricator will operate normally, cycling as per the installation instructions for the entire time the switch is closed. When the lubricator comes back online, it will continue from the exact point at which it was paused during the current cycle.

Learn more about the convenience of A.T.S. Remote Control as well as other options for VibrationMotion, and Pulse Control. Have questions? Check our FAQ and get in touch, we are happy to help.


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