JACK LUBER™: A ‘Jack of all Trades’ Automatic Lubrication Dispensing Unit for Industrial Applications

One of the most versatile automatic lubrication units that A.T.S. Electro-Lube has engineered for industry applications is a ‘jack of all trades’ unit we call JACK LUBER™.

JACK LUBER™ is a tough, consistent, and easy to manage electromechanical unit that gets to work quickly to keep machinery operating optimally. This unit combines strength with convenience: the JACK pushes up to 200psi and uses a pre-filled replaceable grease cartridge.

JACK LUBER™ comes with a powerful A.T.S. battery pack but can be used with our AC or DC Power Options. Both the 125cc and 250cc units are compatible with our Remote Control, Motion Control or Pulse Control options allowing the user to get the most out of the unit, no matter the lubrication schedule of the machinery.

JACK LUBER™ provides maintenance-free lubrication for up to two years. Virtually any grease can be used, and only the JACK cartridge and batteries ever need replacing.

Interested in learning more? See features, specs and benefits of JACK LUBER™; watch a brief installation video, visit our product FAQ, or see the control, power and remote mounting options available on our Downloads page.

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