From Agriculture to Municipal Works, A.T.S. Automatic Lubrication Systems are made for every Industry

Versatility becomes an incredible asset in many different settings, and A.T.S. lubrication systems fill this gap to suit every industry—a line of automatic dispensing units with a wide range of capabilities. 

Just ask the A.T.S. Continuing Development Team, who invest time to find the best solutions to the challenges experienced by industry leaders. In the not-so-distant past, common challenges reported by industries included unscheduled downtime, costs to replace bearings, the labour to repair, hiccups to customer-delivery systems, and employee safety. Since 1975, A.T.S. has continued to respond effectively with top-of-the-line, auto-lubrication technology to solve industry challenges, establishing the company as a global market leader in automatic lubrication equipment.  

A.T.S. is committed to manufacturing reliable automatic lubrication products with leading technology. As such, all products come with a great Quality Guarantee!

Industry applications available are limitless! Here are two examples of how A.T.S. lubrication units are working with Agriculture and Municipal Works


The agricultural industry experiences some of the harshest, global environmental conditions in which operators run the equipment critical to the chain of food production. At A.T.S., an immediate benefit of any of our single-point and multi-point automatic lubrication devices is a sturdy seal that protects against extreme cold, wind, heat, and rain. These units not only lubricate machinery effectively, they also prevent contaminants from entering-in (and degrading) all-important lube points. 

For accurate, reliable bearing lubrication on grain augers, bucket elevators, chain drives and more, A.T.S. self-contained automatic lubricators deliver unrivalled performance and dependability. These units can be mounted almost anywhere, and remotely up to 30ft from lube points. Multi-point systems are also available that allow a single unit to feed up to an impressive 12 application points.


Municipal Works 

Towns and cities run on municipal machinery, waste water treatment facilities, mobile maintenance equipment and more. From street paving, waste-and-recycling and snow removal, to roadside trimming and parks maintenance, the versatility of the A.T.S. series of products meets the lubrication needs of countless municipal service functions. 

A.T.S lubrication systems offer flexibility and versatility for specific, diverse urban applications. Units feature multiple settings to deliver consistent lubrication anywhere from 15 days to two full years, and are waterproof IP69 for flawless function in the wettest conditions. 

Waste water treatment facilities present the constant operation of machines with relatively inaccessible lubrications points—and this makes a system of automatic lubrication an absolute necessity. A.T.S. supplies units to these facilities across the globe, typically in urban settings where the temperature can drop to -40 degrees C, and the devices function perfectly! 

Urban or rural, from agriculture to municipal works, and so many industrial sectors in-between, you can check out all the competitive advantages to our market-leading lubers right here.


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