Get the Competitive Advantage with A.T.S. Lubrication Systems

Your competitive advantage in business is something you protect and nurture closely. It can mean the difference between success and struggle for business results, every week, month and quarter.

At A.T.S Electro-Lube, we feel the same way about our family of dynamic, innovative industrial lubrication products and what they do every day to advance your competitive advantage. You’ll see and feel our hands-on approach in everything we do, from installation to remote-control of our automatic lubrication units.

A.T.S. is the market leader for quality, reliability, lubrication pressures and versatility—all of which are vitally important in lubrication maintenance. We guarantee that A.T.S. single and multi-point lubrication units will always:

INCREASE productivity
LOWER costs of repair and maintenance
REDUCE risk to employees

We’ve been perfecting what we do since 1975, and made a huge leap forward in 1982 with the creation of our industry and game-changing ELECTRO-LUBER™.

Here’s a closer look at more of the advantages that our products deliver:

REDUCE repetitive personnel hours by automatically lubricating machinery
IMPROVE safety across your workforce with remote mounting and controls
INSTALL lubrication units quickly and maintenance-free up to 2 years
PREVENT ingress of contaminants by keeping positive pressure on lube points
EXTEND machinery life by maintaining integrity of bearings and machine parts
TRUST 40+ years of market leadership featuring quality, reliable lubrication systems, pressures, and versatile installations for all industries
ENGAGE with an international company, supported by our in-house manufacturing centre and global network of distributors
GUARANTEED quality lubrication products and best-in-class service experience

A.T.S Electro-Lube helps build the competitive advantage you rely on every day in your operations and your business. Request a quote using our handy checklist or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-663-8141 — we’re happy to help!


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