ATS Electro-Lube manufactures multi-point automatic lubricators to suit all industrial lubrication needs

Our powerful units reach up to 2000 psi and can feed up to 12 points from a single unit. With the exception of our ELECTRO-LUBER™ and JACK LUBER™, all of our units can be used as multi-point lubricators.

Using a single unit to lubricate many points is the most cost effective solution for industrial lubrication maintenance. Our motorized lubers can feed up to 12 points through a distribution block.

If you have a large number of points to be serviced or a large factory, multi-point lubricators are a great option. However, none of our motorized units are suitable for use in mines, underwater or in temperatures below -20°C (-4°F).

We have a variety of multi-point lubricators that all boast being waterproof, easy to refill, and are incredibly user friendly. Aside from those similarities, each series has differing features. Select a unit below to learn more.


Ultimate Luber

Our ULTIMATE Series is our most versatile and basic unit, producing over 1000psi and servicing up to 12 lube points.


Titan CL Luber

Our TITAN Series pushes over 1000psi through up to 12 points, but also uses convenient grease cartridges.


Titan Oiler

Our TITAN OILER is extremely powerful at over 2000psi, feeding 12 points with long feed lines.

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