Motion Control

What is motion control?

Motion Control is one of ATS’ newest control features.  It is an alternative to remote control and is an efficient way to lubricate machinery that works intermittently.  With our motion control system, our unit only lubricates when the machine is running.

How does Motion Control work?

ATS has developed a new programmable control which is activated by a magnet passing a sensor mounted on equipment close to magnet’s path. A signal is sent to the circuit board in the lubricator which maintains the lubricator’s dispense cycle. A BLUE “LED” will flash every time the magnet passes the sensor. This indicates that the magnetic sensor is working. If the equipment is inactive, the lubricator will time out and go into suspense mode until the equipment is again active. The lubrication cycle will then resume, as though the equipment had never shut down. The Motion activated control (MC) is an alternative to the Remote Control (RC). The lubricator’s DIP Switches are selected, as described on the lubricator’s Installation Instructions, according to the volume of the lubricant desired during the equipment’s actual operating cycle.

Is a Motion Control System right for me?

Selecting which Control System is right for you depends on a variety of factors.  If your machinery works intermittently, you have a MD unit (ULTIMATE, TITAN, OILER or JACK) and you need a lubrication unit that will stop lubricating while your machinery isn’t in use, then the Motion Control may be for you.  Contact Us to learn more.

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Motion Control

ATS Electro-Lube's automatic lubricators come with an optional Motion Control System that will tell our lubers to turn off when machinery is not in use, and lubricate when in use.

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