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Sponge Pinion Grease Applicator

Better coverage with Less Grease for wind turbine maintenance

Open Gear Lubrication for Wind Turbines

A.T.S. Electro-Lube delivers unique solutions for wind turbine maintenance.

Our Sponge Pinion Grease Applicator is engineered to solve the challenging lubrication needs faced by wind turbine operators, ensuring the consistent and even lubrication of all components to increase efficiency and longevity of turbines. 

The sponge pinion was engineered by A.T.S. specifically for lubricating open gears in wind turbines

The sponge pineon guarantees even distribution of grease with media to the entire surface of every gear tooth, reducing the risks associated with under-lubrication.  

The sponge pinion’s unique design also allows for the collection of excess lubricant during gear movement; preventing wastage and ensuring reduced risks associated with over-lubrication. 


A.T.S. Sponge Pinion

The A.T.S. SPONGE PINION is designed to receive grease from our A.T.S. Luber (Electro and Jack Luber series) and channel it through a series of holes into grooves strategically placed along its surface. As the sponge pinion rotates with the open gear pinion, the sponge material compresses against the gear teeth, creating a “grease stamp” on the open gear pinion.

Through this rotation, grease is consistently applied to the teeth of the open gear pinion, ensuring constant lubrication at the critical contact points between the main gears.  

Sponge Pinion Grease Applicator

Sponge Pinion Grease Applicator



Machine Room Supervisor and Engineer, Rex Burkhiem explains why he thinks the A.T.S. Electro-Lube Sponge Pinion Grease Applicator is the best on the market.

Get better coverage with less grease.

Sponge Pinion AT WORK

Sponge Pinion Grease Applicator

Sponge pinion rotates with the open gear pinion

Ready to upgrade your wind turbine maintenance?

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