The classic ELECTRO-LUBER™ series is the most reliable automatic lubrication unit on the market.

A.T.S. Electro-Lube developed the original ELECTRO-LUBER™ in 1982, and was the first company to use this self-contained auto luber technology and set the industry standard. Learn more About A.T.S.

SIZE OPTIONS: Jumbo, Budget, Mini, and Micro

The ELECTROCHEMICAL series can be filled with any lubricant and used in virtually every work environment. 

These lubers are intrinsically safe and approved for all explosive areas. They are also certified by MSHA for use in mines. They can be filled with food-safe lubricant and will work underwater up to 30′ (10m) deep!

Our units are simple to use, effective, and drastically reduce the risk of bearing failure by ensuring that your machines are continuously lubricated with the right amount of lubricant at the correct time.


A.T.S. ELECTROCHEMICAL LUBERS are single point automatic lubricators that uses an electro-chemical reactor cell which converts electrical energy into safe, inert nitrogen gas. 

The gas is contained in a hermetically sealed bellow-type gas chamber. As the gas is produced, internal pressure builds up in the bellows and is applied against the orange piston. The piston then forces the lubricant out of the cylinder and into the point of lubrication. 

These units can empty from between 15 days to one year, depending on the setting of the simple user-programmable DIP switch. This selection can be changed or turned off at any time.


Electro-Luber Series




The classic ELECTRO-LUBER™ is available in 4 sizes:
2, 4, 8, or 16 oz.


Electro-Luber at work

ELECTRO-LUBER™ Mini automatic lubricators fitted to fan bearings

Electro-Luber at work

ELECTRO-LUBER™ Mini installed on a bearing

Electro-Luber at work

ELECTRO-LUBER™ Budget on a roller at a pulp and paper mill


A.T.S. automatic lubers are designed to work in all industries. Choose your industry to find the best lubers and accessories for your unique needs:

UL/CUL – The Original ELECTRO-LUBER™ is certified Intrinsically Safe for Class 1, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Also certified by MSHA and Energy, Mines Canada for use in mining. ATEX certified units are also available. ATEX – ELECTRO series units are available that conform to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and ATEX Standard I.S. EN 60079-15:2005. In Conformity to European Norms Ex nL IIC T3 II 3 G.

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