Open Gear Lubrication Solutions

Sponge Pinion Grease ApplicatorThe A.T.S. Sponge Pinion Grease Applicator is engineered to solve the challenging lubrication needs faced by the wind industry, so wind farm operators can confidently maintain their turbines efficiently and reliably. The Sponge Pinion was engineered by A.T.S. specifically for lubricating open gears in wind turbines, ensuring consistent and even lubrication of all components to increase efficiency and longevity of turbines.

How it Works

Our Sponge Pinion is designed to receive grease from the A.T.S. Luber and channel it through a series of holes into grooves strategically placed along its surface. As the Sponge Pinion rotates with the open gear pinion, the sponge material compresses against the gear teeth, creating a “grease stamp” on the open gear pinion. Through this rotation, grease is consistently applied to the teeth of the open gear pinion, ensuring constant lubrication at the critical contact points between the main gears.

The Need for Innovation

Wind turbines operate in demanding environments, facing constant exposure to harsh weather conditions and mechanical stress. Current and widely used lubrication techniques struggle to efficiently lubricate and protect critical components, leading to increased maintenance costs and decreased performance.

A.T.S.’ Latest Engineering Innovation – Sponge Pinion

Our latest engineering innovation, the Sponge Pinion, offers a clever solution to open gear lubrication challenges. By delivering precise and even distribution of lubricant to the entire surface of every gear tooth, the applicator reduces the risk of under or over lubrication, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of gear teeth.

The A.T.S. Advantage

The A.T.S. Sponge Pinion sets itself apart from other industry standard lubrication techniques by providing even lubricant the critical contact points of every gear tooth. The risk of under-lubricating your gear is greatly reduced. With ATS’ sponge pinion applicator, customers can experience operational efficiency and cost savings.

As demand for green energy continues to grow, delivering innovative lubrication solutions for the Wind industry becomes more and more important. A.T.S.’ Sponge Pinion Grease Applicator is a leading solution to challenges in the wind turbine lubrication sector, offering a cost-effective and reliable approach to maintenance. With our Sponge Pinion, A.T.S. offers a reliable and efficient answer for all those in the wind industry or with an open gear.

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Sponge Pinion strategic grooves for even distribution of lubricant
Sponge Pinion Grease Applicator
Sponge Pinion on JACK LUBER™
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