Municipal Applications

A.T.S. Electro-Lube automatic lubrication units are durable, waterproof, and work effectively for municipal machinery, waste water treatment, and mobile maintenance equipment.

Our lubrication systems feature multiple settings to deliver consistent lubrication over durations from 15 days to two full years. These self-contained lube systems can be mounted nearly anywhere—including remotely, as far as 30’ from the lubrication point, and are water proof IP69 for flawless function in even the wettest environments.

We offer both single- and multi-point lubrication equipment, making it easy to find the perfect lubrication solution for your needs. With innovative designs and superior Canadian craftsmanship, our auto lubers provide unmatched reliability and performance.

Lubrication for Waste Water Treatment Facilities & Municipal Services

In water and waste water treatment facilities, the constant operation of machines and their relatively inaccessible lubrication points make automatic lubrication a necessity. We supply units to waste waste water treatment facilities all over the world. In some of these areas, the temperatures drop to -40°C, and our lubers still function perfectly. The harsh environments and frequent exposure to water is no problem for our units, just toss on a weather cap.

The wide variety of services that a municipality provides are met by our wide range of lubricators—we have a unit for every job! Street paving, waste and recycling, snow removal, roadside trimming, and plowing vehicles all require proper lubrication, as do all all conveyors, belts, fans, and ventilators found in recycling facilities.

Ensure that your machinery is efficiently maintained with our automatic lubricators. Choose from a variety of lubrication products that allow you to control the rate and frequency of lubrication.

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Automatic Lubrication Solutions for Municipalities
Multi-point application for municipal water sanitation
Municipal waste water treatment plant applications
Municipal water treatment plant application
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