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A.T.S. Electro-Lube automatic lubrication devices are proven safe, effective, and versatile for the mining industry — ATEX/UL certified and intrinsically safe for all hazardous areas. With less than 0.001% return rate, A.T.S. Electro-Lube is a market leader in industrial lubrication solutions.

Our luber units have proven to withstand the most extreme environments that the mining industry poses: drastic temperatures, contaminant issues, high pressures, and explosive environments.

Lubrication Systems for Mining Machinery

The ELECTRO-LUBER™ series, our single-point lubricators, are electro-chemically driven and were the first automatic lubrication devices on the market. These lubers can perform in a wide temperature range (-40°C to 55°C) and are intrinsically safe. We have full ATEX/UL certification on our entire ELECTRO-LUBER™ series. Our weather cap ensures that they continue to perform under water and in extremely dusty areas. These units can be remote mounted up to 3’ (1m) from the lube point.

Our motor-driven lubricators include the ULTIMATE LUBER™, TITAN CL™, TITAN OILER™ and JACK™ series. All but the JACK luber serves as multi-point lubricators – an extremely cost effective way to lubricate a range of equipment. A single unit can lubricate up to 12 points, drastically reducing cost and maintenance. They can be remote mounted 30’ (10m) for safety and convenience.

For added ease of use, our TITAN, OILER and JACK lubers are refillable. We also have a host of accessories and control options to allow you to manage lubrication of our units from your computer.

Both our single-point and multi-point configurations can provide continuous lubrication for up to two full years, eliminating the need for time-consuming daily manual lubrication.

A.T.S. Electro-Lube units are perfect for large motor lubrication, bearing lubrication, and all other equipment and machinery lubrication applications your mining project may require.

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Automatic Lubrication Solutions for Mining
Mining and Minerals Industry Lubrication needs
Automatic Lubrication Solutions for Mining
TITAN II on a shaker in the mining industry
Automatic Lubrication Solutions for Mining
TITAN CL used in the mining industry
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