Manufacturing Industry Applications

A.T.S. Electro-Lube automatic lubrication systems meets the needs of the manufacturing industry easily and reliably. Our single-point and multi-point units can be coupled with control options and be remote mounted for safety and convenience.

A.T.S. Electro-Lube self contained single-point and multi-point automatic lubrication products provide effective, dependable lubrication for manufacturing equipment of all types. Our self-contained mechanical lubricators can deliver up to two full years of continuous lubrication, and can be installed almost anywhere—including remotely, as much as 30’ from th‍‍‍‍‍‍e lubrication point. Our devices are a safe, efficient alternative to daily manual lubrication.

We also offer a variety of accessories, including mounting brackets, control options and power options. A.T.S. motor-driven units, the ULTIMATE LUBER™, TITAN CL™ and TITAN OILER can all lubricate multiple points with a single unit via distribution blocks. For added convenience, our TITAN CL, TITAN OILER and JACK™ units are refillable.

Our automatic mechanical lubricators deliver a reliable, consistent solution for any machinery that requires regular lubrication.
A.T.S. innovative auto lubers are ideal for bearing lubrication, engine lubrication, and any other machine lubrication needs your manufacturing processes may have.

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Automatic Lubrication Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
Manufacturing applications for automatic lubrication
Automatic Lubrication Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
ELECTRO-LUBER™ on molding machine
Automatic Lubrication Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
ELECTRO-LUBERS™ on machine, featuring weather caps
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