Forestry Industry Applications

A.T.S. Electro-Lube automatic lubrication products offer a fast, safe, and reliable alternative to manual lubrication of forestry equipment and machinery.

Our single- and multi-point lubrication units provide up to two years of consistent lubrication. They can be mounted almost anywhere, including remotely up to 30′ from the lubrication point.

The forestry industry often has hazardous maintenance procedures. By remote mounting our units, you keep your employees safe. With our accessories for remote control or motion control, you can rest assured that our units are functioning exactly as you need them to.

Our luber units manage the dust, water, snow and other contaminants that pose serious issues, keeping your lubrication system sealed to prevent ingress of contaminants.

With innovative designs and top quality craftsmanship, our lubers are perfect for lubricating bearings on fellers, delimbers, loaders, harvesters, or any other machine requiring repeated lubrication.

A.T.S. gas-driven units—the ELECTRO-LUBER™ series—function in the most extreme environments, in frigid temperatures down to -40C and high temperatures up to 55C. These units are single-point lubricators and can be conveniently mounted up to 3’‍‍‍(1m) from the lube point for safety and convenience.

Our motor-driven units—the ULTIMATE™, TITAN™ and JACK™ series are more powerful; the ULTIMATE and TITAN can feed more than one lube point via progressive distribution blocks.

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ELECTRO-LUBER™ on industrial wood chipper
ELECTRO-LUBER™ on industrial wood chipper
Forestry applications for lubers
Forestry applications for lubers
Automatic lubrication for forestry
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