Building Maintenance Applications

A.T.S. Electro-Lube automatic lubricators are well-suited to solve the lubrication needs of building maintenance — air conditioning, elevators, fans, escalators, and machinery.

A.T.S. Electro-Lube manufactures automatic lubrication systems that provide effective lubrication for all building maintenance equipment, including HVAC, fans, and elevators. Our auto lubers can be installed almost anywhere, including remotely up to 30′ from the lubrication point, and can provide up to two years of continuous lubrication. A.T.S. units eliminate the need for manual lubrication of equipment and machinery.

Our units can handle extreme environments and are well suited to lubricate points that may be exposed to water, dust, or other contaminants. Our powerful lubrication systems can push lubricants up to 2000 psi, and can lubricate multiple points with a single unit. A.T.S. lubers are remote mountable to make lubrication of points in hard to reach or dangerous areas simple and safe.

With the wide range of accessories, including remote control, you can easily install our units, then sit back and monitor/control lubrication from your computer. Avoid costly repairs and inconvenient downtime by keeping your machinery properly lubricated — with A.T.S. lubers, maintaining an entire building has never been so easy.

Our self-contained lube solutions are ideal for air handling units, water pumps, or any other building maintenance system requiring regular lubrication. With innovative designs and superior quality, A.T.S. lubers deliver reliable, consistent performance in any building maintenance application.

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Automatic Lubrication Solutions for Elevator Maintenance
Elevator maintenance needing lubrication
Automatic Lubrication Solutions for Building Maintenance
Automatic lubrication for building maintenance
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