Control Options

What are Control Options?

Control Options are ways to manage the lubrication from our units to suit your exact needs; by amending or overriding the dispense rate set by our DIP switch, control options give you full flexibility and convenience.

Why should I use Control Options?

Managing the lubrication of your machinery is one of the most important tasks for maintenance.  Slight over or under lubrication can greatly compromise the performance and lifespan of your machinery.

By using Control Options you can:

  • Ensure your machinery is being lubricated only when it’s needed
  • Have live feedback of your unit
  • Prevent over-lubrication during scheduled downtime
  • Prevent machinery from being under-lubricated
  • Reduce maintenance tasks

What types of Control Options are there?

ATS Electro-Lube offers a variety of Control Options for our range of units that allow  our customers to control the lubrication of our units to fit their exact needs.  We have Remote Control Options that provide live feedback of the unit.  Our Motion Control Sensor is especially useful for units that only need to be dispensing lubricant when the machine is running.  The Pulse Control option facilitates distribution of lubrication based on cycles rather than a timer. Our Vibration Control is a sensor that makes the unit only lubricate when vibration (motion) is detected.

Our Low-Level Lubricant Sensor is a useful tool for all units.  It alerts you once the lubricant is about to run out.  At this point you can either refill our refillable units easily with a cartridge, or replace the unit with a new one.

Which Control Option do I need?

We have four control options to choose from:

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Remote Control

Motion Control

Vibration Control

Pulse Control

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ATS Electro-Lube offers a variety of control options that allow you to remote monitor and control lubrication with our lubers. Our automatic lubricators can be complimented with remote control, timer control, pulse control and motion control.



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Control Options

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