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Accessories to fit your needs

A.T.S. Electro-Lube manufactures and sells accessories for our lubrication devices in almost all environments.

We manufacture all of our units in-house in Vancouver, BC Canada. Because of this, we use NPT (National Pipe Thread) sizing.

For our North American market, adapters are rarely needed. For international customers, we have a variety of reducers and fittings that we sell to help our unit fit your application. You may also be interested in tubing connections for our luber series.

Unit threading sizes:

  • TITAN LUBER™ – 1/2″ NPT
  • JACK LUBER™ – 1/2″ NPT
Choosing the Right Adaptor
Measure the size of the lubrication threading of your machinery/application. Refer to the manufacturer literature, or manually measure by removing the grease nipple and use an accurate ruler. From there you can access your needs or contact us for assistance.
Tubing for Automatic Lubrication

Tubing and hoses are a large part of efficient automatic lubrication. Most of our lubricators are powerful enough to feed multiple lube points and be remote mounted. Both require extra tubing to connect the extended feed lines.

Advantages of remote mounting and distribution blocks:

  • Increase safety of workers by installing units outside of hazardous areas
  • Locate units in convenient areas for maintenance
  • Minimize downtime by keeping machinery running while lubers are refilled
  • For high vibration areas, remote mounting is an effective solution for continuous lubrication
  • Service up to 12 lube points with a single unit via distribution block
Tubing and adapters for distribution blocks
Adapters for distribution blocks
Accessories for A.T.S. Automatic Lubricators

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