The Orlitzky family strongly believes in supporting its community and staff, while continuing to manufacture reliable automatic lubrication products.

As a family-owned and operated company, we have a close relationship with our employees and our customers. We are dedicated to our business and strive to produce the best products on the market.

We are part of a community both within and outside of the company. We strive to support our local teams, charities, and hospitals to create a sense of shared wealth so that we might all better from the existence and success of A.T.S. Electro-Lube.

The Orlitzky family upholds the strong belief that keeping jobs local rather than manufacturing overseas is a benefit to our country, so nearly every aspect of our inventory is manufactured in-house. We believe that this is what gives our products world-renowned reputation, as we oversee quality control at every step. Our Quality Guarantee is our proof of this.

The company was founded by Tony Orlitzky and was assu‍‍‍med ‍‍‍by his children after he passed. His grandchildren are now training as part of the company and we look forward to a future with generations to come.

Tradeshow Booth

ATS Electro-Lube trade show booths

Orlitzky family donation supporting local hospital

A.T.S. Head Office

A.T.S. Electro-Lube head office

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