ContinuING development


A.T.S. Electro-Lube strives to continuously find new ways to meet the growing demands of all industries.

At our large facility in Vancouver, we have a machinery shop and the research and development room where our chemists, engineers, and trades people work together to come up with new lubrication solutions. Our main office staff talk directly to customers about new challenges and their suggestions, and our family of employees know our units and help us to modify and advance them.


In our research and development room, “the lab,” you might find us testing new chemicals, exposing our units to extreme conditions, or intentionally pushing our units past their limits, just to see how far they can go. 

Our relentless investigations give our customers peace of mind.

Our research and development is headed by Stephan Orlitzky and supported by a team of chemists and engineers.


At A.T.S., our Tool Room is constantly abuzz. Our machinists and engineers are always hard at work creating new parts, planning out designs, or assisting in production of parts for our units. 

The staff here is always expanding and so are their toys – the 3D printers get a lot of use!


Have an issue, idea or challenge for us? Our office staff are happy to listen. From helping you understand our units better, to coming up with solutions to applications we’ve never attempted before, our knowledgeable team is here to help. 

If you have a lubrication need that you don’t think there’s a fix for, give us a call and we’ll work on it!


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